Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Prohibition of the GD - nothing is for granted

I am working with Holocaust related issues. Through my work I found the Decree regarding the prohibition of esoteric and masonic groups and orders or similar orders, groups and organisations by the Chief of the Reich's SS and German Police, Heinrich Himmler, dated 20 July 1937 (these are poor photos of the pdf print out) . As you can see on page 3 you find the O.T.O. (Germer) and also the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (page 3, no. 16). With this, also the founding and continuation of any substitute organisation was prohibited with the threat of severe consequences under the penal code. I am not going into further legal details here but this should be a reminder that the freedom to follow and work the path of light is not for granted. We all should be grateful to live in a society where we are free to think, say and do what we want and are free to develop and evolve our spirituality and personality in which way ever we chose. It also should be a reminder that different opinions should be taken as a contribution to a fruitful discourse, which does not necessarily has to finish with total agreement, or worse, surrender, and that people at other times (depending where they live even these days) would not understand any dispute based on personality issues, urge for power and dominance or other issues which are not at all related to the true substance of the issue – the development on, or through the path of light, doing the Great Work.

And let us also remember that some of our brothers paid a very high price for their choice to do the Great Work. Some still do.

In L.V.X.


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