Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010


Lent started today. I am not Catholic or orthodox, so I am not forced to give up anything. However, a few years ago I started to give up some things like meat, alcohol, sweets for the following 40 days starting with ashes Wednesday. It is a good way for getting aware of all these little habits which secretly sneaked into everyday life and which, as habits, took over more or less great parts of it. The usual glass (or two) of wine with dinner, the usual meat, salami pizza or sandwich, afternoon and in-front-of-TV-chocolate, cake, chips, cookie etc. I do enjoy all of this but it is nice to realize that it is possible to have less – or none of this at all. To realize that there are other things besides that you could eat or drink. But that is just the obvious aspect.

It also has with a spiritual aspect. I have started this in a semi religious context without feeling being obliged since I do not really feel that anyone cares what I eat, drink, watch etc. However, I have to spend more time carefully thinking about alternatives. I have to open my eyes and maybe taste, to look out for what else is there, and if it is just in order to not getting bored with the same veggie stew and glass of water. On the spiritual level it should have the effect of being more aware of what is going on instead of living daily routine. As I mentioned before, I am having a difficult time keeping my ritual routine. However, adding this as an aspect of the growing (self) awareness, I will wrap lent into a spiritual exercise. And which time could be better than the time of the passion of Christ with it’s very peak, the sacrifice of God, followed by his resurrection. I assume that the will and persistence in increasing and focussing on ritual work during this very special time adds some spice to the rituals and their meaning to my life in a very special way. Suffering, sacrifice, death and resurrection, the eternal circle….

I believe that an increased self awareness together with an increased awareness of the mystery as it happens (Passion time) (so to say) will cause a very different kind of experience….

In expectation of the Light to come,

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