Donnerstag, 17. Juni 2010

Would You...

ever consider using any of your magical „powers“ or abilities against someone else? Maybe if it is in defense?

I do believe in the general understood and agreed principle that magic should not serve as a tool to gain or execute power over others. I also do believe that no one should try to interfere with someone else’s free will. If you have a problem with someone or something you need to solve it here, in the mundane world. Right? I mean at least this should be your first way of conflict resolution and trouble shooting. You may use magic to support you – being open, being receptive for a solution, asking the divine forces for advise or support. Asking for someone else to come to reason. Maybe even asking for someone not to bother you any longer and disappearing from your life – in a non violent way of course. Like you may ask for healing, enlightment, support in job search etc, you may ask for assistance in conflict resolution.

But what if you have that one dude in your life that is not only bothering you in an inconvenient way. What if that one is trying anything and everything he can to make your life as miserable as possible. What if that one’s actions go as far as putting your very livelihood in danger by causing immense financial burdens to you and your family not to speak about stress levels caused to the entire family… Is there a right to self defence with all means it needs – magically speaking? I mean I could shoot or stab someone attacking me with an axe – if I get a chance.

Of course I am not trying to discuss the obvious question if things like these, putting a spell on someone, asking the 72 demons to assist you etc actually work other than in your mind. I am just talking about the general question. So, would you?

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