Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

Keeping the Routine

If you are not “forced” to attend a regular group meeting and thus have to maintain a certain routine and do some “homework”, it is difficult to fight every day’s distractions and keep a more or less strict schedule. Now I realize how much time I wasted while living alone, having all the time and opportunity to perform a daily routine. Living with a family, a new born, a 6 years old and of course partner, limits your free time and space – unless you have a huge house or farm maybe. A friend of mine let’s his kids participate in his performances letting them take the role of the angels during the LBRP, holding swords and so. This would distract me severely, I could not concentrate. So usually I am using late evenings or the night to perform some of my rituals. This of course means that I have to be reasonable. I can not vibrate the divine names the way I want to. I have tried various ways but the most effective for me includes some kind of volume (although I am not screaming). Chanting the names works but also then I would need some sound. So usually I am remaining rather quiet trying to vibrate the names more within, which seems to be a bit difficult for me.
The other problem is that yo need some preparation before the ritual but also some time afterwards. It makes no sense to just switch of the TV and start ritual and afterwards going back to the kitchen doing the dishes or just going to bed. Before the ritual you have to start to build up your concentration and focus by maybe a ritual cleaning or at least some meditation. After the ritual, you need some time to let the effects and the power of the ritual settle within you. After this you should make your journal entry and then maybe another moment of silence and peace before going to bed. In my case, before the ritual is baby feeding and afterwards preparing milk or other stuff for the night. Now you say so do that stuff first and then work afterwards. But I better use the time when I have it. I can prepare milk when I am holding a just woken up crying baby. I can not perform a ritual holding the baby in my arms at the same time. And the mother? Well, she deserves her night’s sleep since she is getting up during nights (me working full time), so she can’t help. Additionally she is not that supportive of my “Abrakadabra” or Hokuspokus” stuff. She is tolerating it but not really supportive.
Since I am not an early morning person and since my night’s sleep is limited anyways, working before everyone is awake is not an option either. This way, I cherish the time alone at home during days when everyone else is gone.
Obviously the office is a bad place too – although I have performed some daily solar adorations in the morning and at noon now and then.

Sometimes a solitary practitioner really needs to be solitary….


  1. Ave Brother,

    I recieved your comments on my blog and am happy to hear that you are doing your best to be involved in this wonderful tradition. You may absolutly ask me any questions. Feel free to e-mail me at werisetogether@gmail.com If you decide you would like to join an Order I suggest www.esotericgoldendawn.com There is a large Temple in Zurich which you can travel to, and if its too far away you can become part of the distance program. You will recieve your own proctor, be able to have access to forums and on-line libraries, and be able to be apart of a thriving community. I do understand however, that not everyone chooses to be apart of an Order, so if its not for you, then please know that I still welcome you whole heartedly in the community and look foward to conversing with you through e-mail. Have a great day!

  2. I am amazed at how similar our situations are! I am also a solitary practitioner, and nowhere near a temple. Not that I would have time for one anyway. What would it have been like if I had found this path when I was by myself? I don't even know. :)

    Although my wife supports my path, she doesn't take any part in it. Much like yourself, I have to do some solar adorations at work (like at noon, right when I get there). Also like you I have a baby girl (15 months) and another child on the way.

    I used to do the early morning thing before everyone got up...it didn't work out for me either. I was missing sleep and I would be tired all day. My dream recall disappeared completely. My vibrating would wake my wife up (I don't have a room, just a walk-in closet in the bathroom which is more than I had before). So she suggested I do my rituals at night. It's so much better! Usually she's still up, so I'm not waking her up. She can still hear my vibrations quite clearly (which is a little uncomfortable for me), but I can get over it.

    What to do? Full-time job all day, college homework (online) in the morning, up with baby at night sometimes....having one hour (not even that) to myself at night to meditate and do my ritual work isn't too much to ask, and it has really been a boon for me. Keep up the good work, and I'm going to catch up on the rest of your blog. :S