Dienstag, 29. Dezember 2009

Egyptian Clowns

In another Blog the question „What is an Esoteric Order“ was asked. Well, regarding the GD as it is presented in the internet, I would have to say it is a group of people, dressing in fancy costumes, using funny tools, doing weird things. Members of such an Order are obviously nuts and need medical treatment.

That is the impression one may get reading what is out there. And I am not talking about the various forums as they are not the entry for anyone who is curious about the GD, I am talking (again) about the blogs and homepages. I first should say that I am not a member of any order or group but that I associate myself with the GD Tradition. I am trying my best working with what I have and get from the various books, blogs and forums. And I have to say there is a lot of valuable stuff there. The members of the forums obviously are having real and serious discussions about the Tradition, its content, the rituals and so on. But this is not what the average person “googeling” his or her way to the GD will find and see (or is willing to go through reading) first. The entry gate is the homepages and the blogs. And what do you see there? In a lot of them it seems that the battle between orders, groups and individuals is more important than the actual discussion about the Tradition and the work itself. The googler will read this and get the impression that the members of such orders are plain silly, vain and so on. And the googler will not see the difference between the orders and groups or understand what all that fuss is about. Instead the googler will go on and check on the videos and see some weird rituals performed by funny dressed people. Now, what will that person, even if he/she is interested in the search for the light and the Great Work think? Or people who are like, or are fans of, Dan Brown?

I say that specifically you heads and members of any ”official” orders and groups have a responsibility regarding how the GD is presented to the public because your blogs and homepages are (also) for the public, otherwise you could only use some closed forums. You represent the GD and its Tradition. You need to transport the spirit of the GD as a serious path to the light or enlightment if you allow me to phrase it this way. You are responsible for keeping any ridicule from the GD or else people will see this as an association of psychotic Egyptian like dressed clowns.

I love to read the blogs and forums and I do enjoy the videos which are out there. But I am devoted to the Tradition and I am interested in the GD and what it stands for, so I have a certain understanding of what is done in the videos any why it ids done that way. I am glad and thankful that I am able to see actual temple work since I am not able to attend a real temple. I learn so much from all of you but at the same time I realize that for someone else all this must look more than just weird.

You may think that I have not right to complain and how I could dare… since I am not part of the “official” GD, may not be experienced enough to understand and whatever else. You may be right. But as I said, I am regarding the GD and its tradition as highly valuable and too precious to just be seen as some more weird esoteric nonsense. I do not want to offend any individual, Order or group here or take anyone’s side. I value all of your work and appreciate the dedication you show in so many ways. I would just wish that you would see what the side effects of some of the published words may have.

In L.V.X

Arcad S.L.


  1. Care Fr Arcad,

    Thank you for the honesty and insight you display in this blog.

    A few months back I was sent links to YouTube videos of GD rituals. I thought the Order that posted them must be very brave as I sensed even before viewing them they would make everyone in them look like a plonker. And they did.

    It is very hard to convey the mystery and presence of the One within a GD temple via a short internet video. Perhaps if the videos were from a site/source that presented beautiful, poetic and inspired words on the GD and its divine purpose, such videos would not be so off putting. But as you say, when we add the spectacle factor of the videos to the bickering evidenced on so many GD blogs and webs, we have a very bad image indeed.

    What we as a community can do about this is beyond me. There has been a manifest failure in attempts to stop the gutter sniping and use the blogs etc to present the mysticism and mystery, the love and divinity our tradition offers. It has got to the stage where even book reviews are being taken as personal attacks on specific Orders. A very weird situation.

    What I think we CAN as individuals do is use our personal blogs etc to present the tradition as it really is, how it changes our lives and expands our service to the One. People do read even the small blogs like ours, and it does effect people. So I encourage you to continue to blog, share your light and continue to be honest and take us to task when needed. Thank you :)

  2. Care Fr. Peregrin,

    indeed, that is how it should be, showing how it changes our lifes. As for the videos, I have to admit that I did enjoy them as it was the first insight to how ritual is performed within a group. It makes a difference if you only can imagine the officers and their actions or whether you can see them. Specifically the incantation/vibration of the devine names, something you read about and always wonder how other people do it (propperly?)was nice to see. But then I had the same feeling you had and was thinking that these videos should be put in a surrounding context so curious people would see that there is a real meaning behind the "marching band" with the man and his lamp walking in a circle and so on. But I would love to see more of that so all of us who are working within the GD tradition but can not attend a temple can get a glimpse of the mystery of the rituals performed in the temple environment.
    Thank you for your kind words and the recommendation on your blog.

  3. Care Frater Arcad,

    I understand your sentiments. I truly do. My first personal reactions towards this idea of publishing live footage of a Temple meeting was also scepticism, conservative as I am. But after some though I decided to even partake in it and contribute with a lecture.

    You have to understand the context of the publication. The esoteric community (to whom we share this footage) needs to know that the Golden Dawn (and Alpha et Omega) is wery much alive and kicking, and evolving.

    But this decision was not taken lightly. For example the question about the anonymity of individual members and that of secrecy in general. The solution were the masks (which are not used during ordinary meetings), which unfortunately have been much misinterpreted and used as a screen for personal projections. Also, these clips are heavily edited to leave out details which might give away anything unpublished or not already of he public domain.

    People not knowing what this is all about will always misrepresent our teachings and symbols, with their ordinary rant about "satanism" and "devil worship", etc. This will not be worse now after the publication of the live footage. Masonry meets almost the same reactions, if not worse. I believe the benefits of showing these rituals greatly outweigh any drawbacks or bad publicity which may follow with it. See how you yourself have benefited from it!

    In Licht, Leben und Liebe