Dienstag, 23. März 2010

Burning the Sorcers and Witches

Somehow I randomly bumped into Mary K. Greer's Tarot Blog. There I found a post regarding a TV fortune teller from Beirut, having been arrested and sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, while being on a pilgrimage. A first appeal was rejected and so far things do nto look too promising. Amnesty International is also reporting upon the case and is reporting other cases and an increasing of accusations for sorcery in Saudi Arabia (see also CNN)

On MSNBC there is an article about the increasing accusations of kids as being witches in Nigeria, based on Christian Pentacostal Churches or communities (excuse me if I am not precise enough in defining who is who) which are linked to their respective mother churches in the US. Children there get accused and then “exorcised”, basically tortured, a lot of them do not survive the attempts to save their souls.

In her post, Mary Greer also quotes Helen Ukpabio, the leader of Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries from her book “Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft” with: a child under the age of two that cries at night and has poor health is ‘an agent of Satan “ –imagine to how many of our kids this fits? Well but then, we are all to be burned at steak anyways…

I have no illusions about the world we live in. Throughout my professional experience I have see the worse humanity is capable of. However, this still reminds me once more in what world we live in and that all the freedom we enjoy – and that includes our ability to more or less freely and publicly work our traditions and rituals – does not come for granted and may be not safe for ever…

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