Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Back from Life and some Plans

The odds of mundane life have cleared up a bit and although still pretty present I shall be able to concentrate on the important things more now.

I have plans for a few posts, some of which were started over a year ago and I hope I will be able to finish them soon.

In the meantime I found access to a nice collection of occult works, originally started by Oskar R. Schlag . He assembled one of the most important private libraries on the esoteric field. He was a medium, interested in the occult and a well known psychotherapist. He co-operated with Jung,  also giving him access to his collection of esoteric and occult works.

Apparently there are some interesting rare manuscripts regarding Alchemy originating from the 17th and 18th centuries amongst other really interesting things. There also is quite some stuff regarding the Golden Dawn in there and I am looking forward to examine the documents he collected.

I am looking forward to some interesting stuff and hopefully quite some material to write about…..

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  1. Nice to have you blogging again, Frater :) I look forward to those posts. I had heard of the Schlag library and am a little jealous! :)