Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2012

First Visit at Schlag Library - getting Linage

Yesterday I had a first visit at the Schlag Library. The Library is located in Schlag’s former house, which is quite interesting. I have to say that I am amazed about the stuff one can find there. I have only been in one of their rooms and got stuck at one shelf for two hours and cannot imagine what else there might be.  

I found a lot of original manuscripts related to various Rosicrucian Societies  and other manuscripts and documents. 

There was an annex to this page which explained that "yoga alone is not already Alchemy"... how revealing...
Unfortunately there is no way to search for such documents, you have to go through binders and binders and see what they contain. In that case, I will certainly spend a lot of time there. 

The downside is, it is only available once a week with prior request for admission.  Normally you have to specify what you want and they get it for you. I could convince the Lady in charge to let me go on a quest on my own, something that is rather helpful in a library like that.

I also found first editions of various books, including this one of The Book of Thoth hand numbered 109, and with an inscription by Crowley.   

That obviously means that he once held the Book in his very own hands. Now, I believe that this gives me some serious and direct linage - obviously.

In later visits I hope to find some stuff to write about here.

In L.V.X.


  1. Super spannend!
    Ist die in der Schweiz?

    Liebe Grüße,
    VH Fr LeNe

    1. Jahre Später - leider tatsächliuch. Ja, ist in der Schweiz, in Zürich. Oakar Schlag hat ja u.a. die Sprengel Briefe auf "Authentizität geprüft. Ist also wirklich recht spannend und eine beeindruckende Bibliothek,