Dienstag, 24. Februar 2015

Teh Golden Dawn, a religion with a specific Supreme Being?

There was a lot of discussion lately about whether the Golden Dawn is a religion or whether it should have a supreme being (indicating in fact a specific one).

Depending on which definition one uses for determining whether the GD is a religion or not, it may fit certain criteria which would indicate it is a religion. However, in my opinion it would still requite that the members of the GD (orders, lodges, groups, solitaries....) see it as a religion. I believe it is common understanding that it is not. Individual opinion may differ though. At the end, if you want to see it as a religion, well, go ahead, as long as you do not start trying to promulgate it or setting up rules for (us) others etc like we see in so many (other) religions. So do not tell me what I have to believe in when following or better working with the GD tradition.

Then there is the big discussion whether there should be a supreme being. Well that would first require the GD tradition to be a religion, otherwise there is no reason for a supreme being. The GD refers to "The Lord of the Universe". Many understand that as "our Lord, God", the Judeo, Christian (Islamic) God. Is that what is meant by it? Well possibly the Tradition`s founders had this in mind in this or that way. However, the reference is open to any possible individual identification one may come up with. If you understand GOD as the old dude (male) with the white long beard having that all seeing eye above his head, sitting on some cloud, well than that is your imagination but it may not be what the term intends. If you identify the "Lord of the Universe" with that old man, it is your interpretation. The set up is universal and open so no one needs to feel left out or pushed away because of interference of the GD rituals with their own belief system.

And there is the problem. In those posts I am refering to the suggestion was to have a specific ancient diety being recognized as the GD´s supreme being. Well that would in fact push away all those who believe differentely. And the question is, why would there be a need to identify a specific supreme being as the ONE?

Even if a specific god or goddess would fit the definition of the Lord of the Universe, the GD does not have that specification. If you want to change it, well go ahead, found your own order if you deem it necessary that your prefered diety rules your rituals and order. But do not demand from all of us others that we follow your lead.

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