Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

Let Them Not Hijack our History

I have been contemplating a post about this for a while but somehow never got through with it. However, due to recent events and a blog post by Nick, I decided to do this little post now.

For quite a while I have been interrested in Germanic (heathen) culture and history. Main reason may be that I am German and a history nerd. As a magician, I am also interested in the mythology and magic of my ancestors. However, a lot of bollocks is to be read about both, history and magic when it comes to the ancient Germans. But that is not the main point of this post. Our history was hijacked by nazis and racists. Thus, whenever you show an interrest into the old Germanic culture, you are automatically linked to these nutheads. Nazis use the ancient Germans to found and justify their claims of a strong, "clean" (as in racial clean), dominant German culture which should still be leading Europe and I guess the world. Add some new age esoteric rubbish (note that the term "esoteric" is a swear word in German - or close to it, for good reasons) and you also get a link between Germanic tribes and Atlantis. I am not going into a debate about ideology or what some think about what ideology means and is. But I am pissed to the highest levels, that you can not discuss Germanic culture, religious practice or anything else related to the past without getting suspicious looks - if people are friendly with you.

I do envy people in England, Ireland, Scottland etc for their awareness of the ancient past and history. If someone there is interrested in celtic culture, no one would think that they are nazis or racist. A reason why it is different here is of course the abuse of the Germanic history by the Nazis throughout the time of the 3rd Reich. This history burned the past and puts anyone who shows an interrest into Germanic history (unless it is a pure accademic interrest) into context of what happened between '33 and '45. This made it easy for the Nazis and Neonazis to take over this part of German history (the Germanic one). It is a shame indeed. And often enough people who run pages about Germanic histiory or culture allow or use content which supports this public view (like, why to use Fraktur font in a Germanic context, or black-white-red coloring?).

The same we see in the Golden Dawn community. In Greece some idiots abuse the name Golden Dawn (well, the Greec version but it always gets translated into GD) for their political agenda and the community can do nothing but change the names of their orders or temples. Media would be happy to make a link between facists and occult "secret" orders and "weird" rituals.... Unfortunately some people within the GD community published posts making such links while at the same time claiming to protect the "GD" (most likely less the community and more the desired "dominance" of their order).

There is not much one can do unless the entire community would stand up making a stong statement that there is no link between those Nazi groups and the GD as an occult tradition. The least we can do is to ban those who make such links or propagate any such ideas at first sight!

Let them not hijack our history!!!

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