Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

Religion, Magick and Ignorance

I am amazed about the ignorance of people, in general and, in this case, specifically when it comes to Magick – and religion.

My interest in Magick does not come from a quest for a new, other religion. In that respect I am safe and happy in my beliefs. I am Christian, Lutheran, and I have no problem to also consider myself being a ceremonial magician. I am on a quest for the path to the Great Work. I do not see religion of any kind as a cage, something that should limit you. I am calling upon the divine names which were already well known and used by our ancient brothers and sisters of the old book. Why do so many Christians believe that anything connected to Magick (or in this respect, even Magic… I know…) should be against their religion. Reading the statements in various forums, specifically in “yahoo answers” (if you do not know that, just check it out, it is…well…, hilarious), it is obvious that most of these fine Christian kids have never bothered to even google or wikipedia about the subject. No one has even the slightest idea about what the Great Work is about. Instead I read about curses, spells, being doomed. Same goes for most of the Atheists in such forums. Tolerance? Ha. Personally I believe that religion is very individual, as individual as your path through life and your path to/through the Great Work if you choose to search for it. It is not important for anyone else but you. You have to be coherent, consistent with and within you. So if any beginners read this, do not let anyone tell you what you can do, what is allowed, what you can’t do any what is not allowed when it comes to the Great Work. A lot of the rituals do indeed contain elements which look like a contradiction to – in my case – Christianity. Calling upon Osiris? Ra? But you should know that these - in my case – do not represent the ancient Egypt gods in their clear ancient divine forms. They do represent other elements which are in consistence with my believes, the light, resurrection, love…. Of course you can see this different – in your case – if you want. What I am saying is that nothing is contradicting anything per se and that it is up to every individual to decide what can be included in his practice of both, religion and magic(k).


  1. Hello,

    I have just read through your blog and am enjoying your posts very much. Good luck with the blog and your spiritual practice and service. :)

  2. Thanks for the comment. I am glad to hear that this is actually interresting for someone ;) Unfortunately I di dnot see it earlyer.